My Macy’s Scores

My Macy’s Scores

Ok, so I want to start off by saying that this is NOT a sponsored post, but a call to get all you mama’s and mamas-to-be off your butts and to your nearest Macy’s pronto!

It all started this morning when I was perusing Facebook and an ad for the Old Navy sale popped up. I clicked, because WHO DOESN’T LOVE A SALE, and saw some really cute little outfits for my baby girl. It took me about two whole minutes to get up, get dressed and ask my mom if she wanted to join me, who of course obliged. Well, since the apple does not fall from the tree, off we went in a matter of minutes. I packed my Old Navy shopper with onesies, leggings and bathing suits, but I kept noticing how overpriced everything was. “Oh well,” I thought and made my way up to the register. I think my mom could see the disappointment in my face when my total rang up for more than $100 and I had less than a handful of things that I only kind-of liked. “Let’s go to Macy’s” she said…and the rest is history.

Ok this is where it gets so good, and I am talking so good that I am actually going back to Old Navy tomorrow to return everything I bought, save a bathing suit. The ENTIRE kids/baby section at Macy’s was on sale, and not just any ole sale, but MEGA SALE. 30 items for $140. This included two hats($5), two bathing suits($7 each), 18 onesies, 3 leggings, and 2 dresses.

So I’m telling you mamas! Go now and take advantage of the sale, it ends today! Pictures of my actual buys are below.


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